What do we mean by 'plantable' apparel?

At Lili + Mysa, we pride ourselves in taking sustainability beyond the production process with our biodegradable and 'plantable' clothing pieces. So what does this mean for you?

Usually when trying to get rid of an article of clothing in a "sustainable" way, you can either ship the piece to a third-party recycler (which creates a large carbon footprint just

from the shipping flight!), or bring the piece to a

second-hand shop (where only 20% of the clothing actually makes it to the shelves). This ultimately produces a TON of

clothing waste: 21 billion pounds each year, to be exact.

Here at LILI+MYSA, we're fighting clothing waste by offering

classic wardrobe staples that are 100% biodegradable, meaning each piece fully breaks down in soil within 1-3 months. Not only that, but some of our pieces are marked as 'plantable' - so when you’re ready to say goodbye to a piece, you can bury it in a sunny, water-rich environment and watch a beautiful creation of nature grow in its place. This is made possible by our creation of special plant-seed fiber, which secures and protects the seeds during wear, but also allows them to flourish in the soil.

With every meticulously-crafted piece of clothing we make, you can be sure, you'll never have to sacrifice sustainability for style ever again. 

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