"Sustainability is at the forefront of everything we do. We do the research so you'll never have to sacrifice your style for sustainability ever again."

We want you to feel good about our apparel, and not just because of the perfect fit and soft cotton fibers. We factor the sustainability and environmental impact of every opportunity into each decision we make. In a world where over 90% of individuals in the global garment industry cannot negotiate wages and working conditions, and only 10-15% of clothing finds its way into the secondhand market, its up to all of us to take a stand and wear our beliefs. While we do hold ourselves accountable to make the most responsible choices, we understand sustainability as a journey - and are constantly investigating ways we can improve our net effect on our little planet. 

Aside from our plantable apparel, we're doing more to show our commitment to the Earth and to your values. 

Minimal Movement

With each transport in a clothing garment's lifecycle, whether by truck, plane, boat or car, an overall negative effect is incurred on our planet. One way we work to combat this is by practicing minimal movement - creating as much as we can at one location to keep from adding onto this increase in our apparel's carbon footprint. 

Waste-not with Yarn Scraps Option

It's inevitable in the garment industry to wind up with scraps waste. When we find ourselves with leftover yarn scraps, we offer you the option to ditch the traditional color-way of any of our pieces and instead opt in to receive a piece that's completely unique to you - because it's made with the various colors and textures of our leftover yarn waste. You save some $ and gain some good karma!

Supporting Local

Always factory free. All of our pieces are designed and produced by local artisans, who set their own rates and hours. When a garment is brought to life in a fair and ethical environment, it gives way to an entire new level of creativity and expression, which we feel with every Lili + Mysa piece. 

Ship Sustainability

Sustainability and shipping typically don't mix well. On average, a plane produces a little over 53 pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2) per mile - that's a lot of pollution for one little package! While we haven't found a way to replace air travel just yet, we're doing our best to maintain sustainable shipping through our 100% biodegradable packaging, which you can plant right alongside your Lili + Mysa piece! 

Wear Your Values

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